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Manufacturing Process

Strips – Rolling – Welding

GUPTA ISI CONDUITS, are manufactured on fully automated plant by high frequency induction welding system which ensures perfect welding and the minimum required inside Weld Beed to ease the wire pulling. Smooth wire pulling is further ensured when the pipes are chamfered at both the ends.

The Weld area is as strong as the pipe’s steel itself, hence any kind of bending job can be carried out without any chance of opening of the seem or being prone to cracks. Even though the raw material used is tested quality, in house testing is carried out in accordance to IS specification to ensure that the production of the pipe suits the application.

Draw Bench - Lathe
GUPTA ISI CONDUITS PIPES ‘ threading is done on an automatic threading machine having Lanco Chasers which maintains uniformity on the length of treading on major diameter as well as on minor diameter and the pitch of the threads. This uniformity facilities easies fitting of all conduit accessories. The threads are checked with Screw Thread Gauge which ensures the quality threading of the pipes.

Stove Enameling
THE MEDIUM PROTECTION COATING, . of the pipe with black stove enamel is done by dipping process which ensures proper coating inside and outside of the pipes. The pipes are baked in an automatic electric oven controlled with digital thermostat system to requisite hardness of the paint and gloss finish on the conduit.



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